Vector Privacy Policy

We actually care about your privacy, unlike Big Tech.

1. Using Vector

When you use Vector, we do not collect any identifying information about you, or how you use Vector. In the event of a crash caused by Vector, we may collect the crash report followed by an anonymous identifier. This identifier cannot be tied back to you and is not stored beyond 7 days or a report issue being solved, whichever comes first.

2. Vector Atlas

If you choose to opt into using the Atlas system, the following information will be collected:

  • Server Name
  • The subnet of the IP address of the server (example: becomes
  • Total number of Atlas queries
This information is used for the Vector leaderboards and honorable servers, and it is immediately deleted upon shutting the server down.

How it works: A "cleanup" script is ran every few minutes on our servers. When your Vector server is active and opts into Vector Atlas, you send an "alive" signal to us, so we know to keep the database entry. If your server does not send an "alive" request after some time, it is assumed that the server has shut down, and it will delete the database entry.

3. Data Security

Vector uses TLS/SSL with the highest encryption standards to communicate with services of Vector, including the Vector API and Vector Atlas. The WSS (WebSocket Secure) protocol is supported for remote administration. All data stored in our database is hashed using BCrypt.

4. Cloudflare

Vector's website, Atlas, and endpoints use Cloudflare for security and performance improvements across a global CDN. This means that any traffic or requests you make to Vector goes through Cloudflare before reaching our servers. Cloudflare is used by about 50% of internet domains, and you may view Cloudflare's privacy policy here.

5. User Data Requests

Since we do not store any information that could identify a single user for an extended period of time, any request for user data whether it be for personal or legal reasons would not yield anything of value.

6. Other Software

Vector incorporates libraries/code from open source and proprietary software for intended functionality, any privacy policies or licenses relating to these softwares belong to the owners of the software:

7. Erasure

Since Vector does not store any identifiable information beyond any dates mentioned, you may simply stop using Vector to invoke your right of erasure.